Men's shoe size 9 US in UK

What is the equivalent of a US size 9 men's shoe size in the United Kingdom?

Men's shoe size 9 in USA is equivalent to size 8.5 in the United Kingdom.

This equivalence between a US size and a British size for shoes usually applies for almost all brands. It should be noted that this equivalence may not be met for certain brands of footwear, however, this is something that is very rare since as a general rule, a men's size 9 US is equal to a size 8.5 UK.

What are the dimensions of men's size 9 shoes in USA?

US men's size 9 and its British equivalent (8.5) refers to feet whose measurement is 10 1⁄2 inches (26.7 cm). For a correct choice of the shoe size to be used, it is recommended to know the exact measurements of the foot to make a correct selection of the size.

To know the exact measurements, a correct measurement must be taken, for which the foot must be measured from the heel to the longest toe. In the case of shoe sizes, only the length of the foot is taken into account, since the width is calculated in proportion to the length.

Therefore, if a man's foot measures 10 1⁄2 inches or 26.7 cm, she should wear a size 9 in the USA or a size 8.5 in the United Kingdom.

Men's shoe size 9 US in UK

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